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Tsuki Hana!

Or her full name...Tsuki Hana Tsuki Komodo

Tsuki Hana (moon flower) is a sweet girl who is just fifteen she is a flowerloid (for she is extremely shy) her number is 82.

Hana has an extremely high voice for someone her age.

Hana is in love with mother nature she thinks everything has a right to be here.

Tsuki hana is shy but very strong willed and usually gets her way.

Hana's saying is

"I don't alarm you do I?"

Tsuki hana is a sleep talker as well as a sleep walker.

Likes: Imitating other, words in english, moon flowers, winking, relaxing, chewing on Mikuo's tie, laughing, her headphones, soft drink, Mother nature, talking to the wind.

Dislikes: Bullies, being loud, others saying she can't sing, sadness, running out of soft drink, not seeing Mikuo, fighting,cold showers, losing her headphones.

Tsuki hana has a crush on Mikuo hatsune


Tsuki Hana wears a white shirt like her idol Rin kagamine.

Hana also has a grey skirt with a light grey line though it.

her left arm band is purple and purple stands for enchantments

And she has long ivory blond hair.

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